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Weekly Message from the Pastor - Feb. 8, 2019

February 8, 2019

Dear Friends,

What is it like being in a relationship with Jesus?   In order to help people understand what being in a relationship with him is like, Jesus uses everyday items to describe this relationship. In the next few weeks we will reflect on Jesus as the “Bread of Life,” as the “Good Shepherd,” as the “True Vine,” and as “The Way, the Truth, and the Life.”  

What does eating bread do for you?   Think about a freshly-baked artisan loaf that is warm from the oven, with a golden-brown crust, and soft yummy middle; dipped in fragrant olive oil, or spread with farm-fresh butter. This kind of lovingly-made bread not only nourishes our body, but feeds our soul. It gives us strength and sustenance for the journey; and offers us comfort.

We have lots of options of what we might eat. But in Jesus’ day, bread was a mainstay of their diet and they would have eaten it throughout the day. So to people in that culture, eating bread literally kept them alive. Jesus equates having a relationship with him to the stuff they eat throughout the day that sustains their life. Jesus gives and sustains life.

In what way is Jesus a part of your life? Do you consider your relationship with him indispensable; something you couldn’t live without?  

I look forward worshiping with you this Sunday. As I listen to podcasts related to church vitality and fruitfulness, the number one way a church can experience an increase in visitors is through the personal invitation of its members. Who in your life does not have a church home? Please extend an invitation and invite them to ride with you.



PS - This Sunday, remind me to tell you about the 3-minute rule!