Buckhall Community Garden

Welcome to Buckhall UMC’s Community Garden where we are striving to help feed the hungry in a natural and local way.  We have started a community vegetable garden where we hope to grow enough vegetables to not only feed the people who are planting and working the garden but also provide fresh and local vegetables to our local food banks and homeless shelters.


We started the garden in late March with the invaluable help of Farmer Val down on Moore Drive, who came and plowed the garden spot by the Volleyball court.  That spot was recommended by Russell Hancock, our own Buckhall garden expert!  We then contacted the Moore farm right across our church grounds and received generous amounts of horse manure directly deposited by Mr. Moore himself who brought it and spread it for us.  What a blessing!


After Farmer Val disked the yard, we borrowed the Dougherty’s hand tiller to help us fine tune the dirt (Thanks Mike and Rebecca!) and off we were, rows dug, black landscaping paper deployed, stakes dug and the garden started to look like one.  Thank you Dewayne Singley for your back breaking work!!!  Another blessing came in the hands of Cheryl Hancock who provided us with the Anti Deer Plot Saver which protects our plot with the black tape.  Please be very careful around it!


Joanne Levesque and I went to the farmers market and to Merrifield (dangerous combination!!!) and we started planting our first vegetables, full of hope and enthusiasm!  God Blessed us with plenty of water early on!!!  On May 16th, during Change the World Day, our parishioners provided us with more plants for the garden, and it continues to grow.  Christy Hopper contributed not only plants but is part of our watering schedule, thank you Christy!  


We have a special corner of the garden for the kids to plant and grow their own vegetables.  They started with pole beans (Thank you Cheryl for those!), tomatoes, yellow squash and a pumpkin.

We were also blessed with the creative spirit of our ladies who built and setup the “almost” live looking scare crows that are doing an excellent job at keeping them creatures away from our crops!!!  Thank you ladies!



We still have seedlings that need to go in the ground, and still have a few feet of open space, so if you want to bring some more plants to be included in this effort, please do so!  


We are blessed with a super group of committed and enthusiastic gardeners, and cannot wait to share our adventure with you!