Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care


As a faith community, we seek to be responsive to the needs of people in our church and in our community.

Our pastor, and other caregivers in the church, regularly visit those who are in the hospital, awaiting surgery, or recovering at home.  Our focus is the spiritual well-being of the person who is going through a difficult time.  We extend an invitation to prayer at each visit.  

The pastor and other caregivers seek to regularly visit those who are homebound, and offer them prayer, and Holy Communion.  

In addition to visits - people within the Buckhall community pray for individuals during worship and then send them notes and cards of encouragement, hope, or sympathy.  


The pastor is available to officiate weddings; and requests that the couple avail themselves of pre-marital counseling.  Using a couples’ inventory, we address areas of communication, conflict resolution, couples’ goals, as well as other topics that are helpful to a healthy marriage.  


The pastor is available to officiate funerals; at the church, in a funeral home, or graveside.  

In consultations with the family, we seek to create a service that is meaningful to the family and reflects the life of their loved one.