Weekly Message from the Pastor - Jan, 4, 2019

January 6, 2019


Dear Friends,


I hope your Christmas celebrations were filled with joy and that you are experiencing a good start to the new year. I love the beginning of a new year. It is like the slate of 2018 has been wiped clean of the mistakes and regrets.  This new year offers us a fresh start and is full of possibilities. A new year reminds me of when I would receive a pad of blank paper and a fresh set of crayons or colored pencils. The possibilities for what could be drawn on each page were endless.


Well, we have been given a year of 365 brand-new days, and the possibilities are endless. What do you hope each day will look like after you have lived it?  This Sunday we will begin looking at some of those priorities that will shape what our days in 2019 could look like. But, the question we have to ask ourselves is this: Will I live each day making all the choices on my own, or will I invite God to guide me throughout the day. What do you thinks God hopes for in each day with you?


I look forward to worshiping with you all on this first Sunday of the new year. We will be receiving Holy Communion at all worship services.


I recently posted on Facebook, this from Churchgrowth.org:


How do People Start Attending Church?

A Friend Invited Me - 86%

Organized Visitation - 6%

Invited by the Pastor - 6%

Advertising - 2%


Something to think about: You have a great opportunity to reach out to friends, relatives, acquaintances, and neighbors who do not have a church home; and give them the opportunity to experience the grace of God amid a welcoming fellowship.


Friends, 2019 is going to be a great year!


Yours in Christ,




Upcoming Events  

Next Week:

Sunday : A new sermon series begins

Tuesday 7:00pm Choir Practice

Thursday 10:00am-12 noon Craft & Sewing Group

Thursday   7:00pm Finance Committee

Saturday 8:30am-3:30pm Bi-District Training Day @ Floris UMC                  


Coming Soon:

New start date: Wednesday, January 16th @ 7:00pm    

   A Study: The Will of God: Answering the Hard Questions By James C. Howell.    Join us for this 8-week study as we explore what it means to discern God's will for our lives; and reflect on our understanding of God's will as we experience the events that bring us sorrow and pain. Sign-up in the Narthex (near the entry way) Led by Pastor Linda Monroe; cost of the book is $10.00

Monday, January 14th @7:00pm - Women's Group

Join in this newly-formed women's group as we plan for 2019. Come, enjoy fellowship and refreshments.   Bring your ideas for 2019.  

Already scheduled: Monday, February 11th - Playing Bingo with the residents at Birmingham Green.   Save the date.