Growing In Faith

Growing in Faith

At Buckhall we offer people, of all ages, ways to help them deepen their faith in Jesus Christ.  


In addition to worship we offer:


We offer a children’s time during worship and following that time, children ages 3 to 7, may go and attend children’s church.  

At the 10:00am service, following children’s time, children are invited to attend Sunday school


As youth often attend the 10:00am contemporary worship service; at 11:15am we offer a youth Sunday school class.


Sundays @ 10:00am - We offer bible or book studies to help people gain a deeper understanding of how our faith informs how we live.  

Wednesdays @ 7:00pm - The pastor leads various short-term studies throughout the year; particularly during the seasons on Lent and Advent.  Most recently a group has gathered to study “The Will of God:  Answering the Hard Questions” by James Howell.  


In additional to a prayer time in worship, we offer ways to deepen our prayer life. 

At various times, we open our sanctuary for prayer.  We have studies on prayer and we have gathered as a group to experience contemplative prayer and intercessory prayer.